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Fire Suppression Sprinkler Service, Installs and Maintenance - NICET Certified - from Austin SpecialtiesService and Installation

Austin Specialties exceeds the minimum licensing requirements certifying our technicians through Amerex; FEX1 - the highest level available through the City of Seattle Fire Department. They have also had rigorous training in Peoria, Illinois for factory certification. Our NICET certified fire sprinkler technicians have the training and knowledge to handle all your fire sprinkler needs.


  • Sprinkler Testing, Inspections and Maintenance
  • Tenant Improvements
  • Backflow - Contracted
  • Design and Installation
  • FREE Estimates on Service and Installations
  • 24-hour Service to North Sound; we are local North Sound providers
  • NICET Certified

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Typical Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance Schedule



  • Daily: Check temperature of Dry Pipe Valve room as well as all Wet Pipe Valve piping (min. of 40° F) for adequate heat as not to expose water filled pipes to freezing.
  • Weekly: Maintain 18” clearance below sprinklers.
    Gauge inspection – air & water pressures on DPV, Preaction & Deluge systems for normal pressure range. Record pressures. Inspect for physical damage.
    Inspect supply & control valves.
  • Quarterly: Determine priming water level & adjust as necessary (DPV, Preaction & Deluge Valves).
    Inspect & lubricate FDC's. Check alarm devices for physical damage & electrical connections secure.
  • Annually: Inspect sprinklers, piping, hangers & seismic bracing. Check for proper spares requirement.
  • Every 5 Years: Internally inspect all alarm & check valves. Examine system anytime unfavorable conditions exist for pipe blockage.
  • Quarterly: 2” main drain flow test.
    Test water flow alarms – all (ex. vane type – test semiannually). Test low pressure alarms – DPV, Preaction & Deluge. DPV – test quick-opening devices.
  • Semiannually: Test valve supervisory devices. Test supervisory signal devices. Perform quarterly requirements.
  • Annually: Trip test DPV & full flow Deluge & Preaction Valves. Operate control valves through its full range & return it to its normal position. Perform quarterly requirements.
  • Every 3 Years: Trip test DPV – terminate test when clean water flows from the inspectors test connection.
  • Every 5 Years: Send representative sample of Extra High temp. heads to lab for operational testing. Test or replace gauges. Flush piping if needed.
  • Every 20 Years: Test a representative sample of quick response sprinklers. Retest @ 10 year intervals.
  • Every 50 Years: Test a representative sample of sprinklers. Retest @ 10 year intervals.


  • Annually: Lubricate all valve stems on OS&Y valves. Exercise through its full range of motion & return to its normal position. Reseal or relock. Drain all low points on dry systems (drip drums) prior to freezing & as needed.
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